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Alexander holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition as well as a Master of Arts in Ancient and Classical History. These pillars of his academic education have enriched him with a unique perspective, enabling him to play Chopin on his piano or write on Cicero with his pen.

His physical education includes martial arts from both the East and West, with over a decade of practice in Tang Lang Quan, a classical Chinese style of unarmed and armed combat, as well as studies in Historical European Martial Arts such as Rapier Fencing in the Italian School. While appreciating these older traditions, Alexander's wish to learn from modern sport science led to his certification as a fitness instructor after learning in person from a UFC trainer hailed by Men's Health as "one of the world's top strength and conditioning coaches."

While technically the founder of the Ravenswood Academy, Alexander prefers to think of himself as the "first student" and holds himself to the same standard as all other students in terms of continually learning and training.