Green Key Mystery Decks


"Mary looked at it... it was an old key, which looked as if it had been buried a long time." - The Secret Garden

While doing some Summer cleaning to make way for a new guest at The Ravenswood Academy, we discovered many of our old decks, still sealed with the promise of coming to life. Some of these decks are rare and out of print; all of them are sealed in the box, high quality playing cards that have never been touched by human hands.


We love card flourishing, and if a deck is simply gathering dust we want to give it to someone who will properly appreciate it. We have hand-wrapped each deck and are offering them to individuals who will appreciate premium playing cards infused with a sense of mystery and surprise. We do not anticipate cleaning out another batch of undiscovered cards anytime soon, so we expect these to vanish as swiftly as they do surely. What will you find in this unique batch? Take a chance and see.

12.99$ + shipping (Shipping to U.S.A. only)

Place your order by contacting us at:  All transactions will be made through PayPal. Limit 12.


Virts, Madisons, ...we think the one in the middle starts with an "f"...


Small batch, limited quantity.


Some cardists may be so young as to not remember how well-executed some of the xcm decks were...


Now sold out, the custom "Chancellor" series (center) originally went for $23 +shipping.


All that glitters is gold (if you know, you know). The last Rounders.


No, we will not prank you by sending you soap. You can trust us.